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Ztocks is a platform designed for aspiring traders and learners to start their journey in equity and stock trading in a fun-filled way. Build a team of stocks(portfolio), compete with the players across the country, and stand a chance to win prizes daily. This will help to bring more participants to the Indian Stock Market. Enhance your intuition learning and trading in a fun way with Ztocks.

With many games based on the principles of Chess, Multiple Choice Questions, and many other engaging games, we offer the best trading experience in the form of gaming.

Updating you with the current news and predictions in the stock market, we like to keep things new and happening as much as we can. Including top losers and earners on the list every day, we make your gaming and trading experience a little more exciting! Take a dig at the stock market with Ztocks and learn.

Gain on a large scale with your skills to compete with players from across the country! Sign up, learn and play to your heart’s content with Ztocks!

Key Features

How to Play

Some Base Rules

The players are supposed to form a collection of 3,6 or 9 stocks in total

Each stock will have some points assigned to it
Total points of every collection of stocks should not exceed 100 points 
Some points will be pre-assigned  to each player before starting the game

About the stocks

From the collection of stocks, 2 stocks will be King and Queen Stocks 

The points for these will be assigned as follows on the basis of win

King = Double points

Queen = 1.5 times the points

Creation of Team

After registering for the game, the players can form their stock collection and enter competitions
The competitions can consist of a minimum of 2 players. The players can bet on the rise or fall of the stock market and on the basis of this, winning stocks collection will be decided


The scoring will be based on the rise and fall of the stock market. The result will be declared on the basis of next stay stock positions


When the stock is live, a leader board will be active. On the basis of the leader board rankings, the winners will be declared and the cash back will be initiated after deducting a service fee
The cashback can be transferred to your account as well as redeemed for the next competitions as well

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